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Intelligent Video Analytics

Video Surveillance is an inevitable part of security for every project and property.   There are many reasons why CCTV is the most cost effective security solution. In our experience we have found that most businesses suffer from the same few security problems. Industrial Safety Premises Monitoring, Theft, Shop Lifting, Monitoring of high secured Zone, Monitoring of Public Areas, Worker Management Staff Collusion, Staff Protection, Car Park Security, Deterrence Etc ……

A constant monitoring of a person on the system is required to spot the un desired activities on real time. What if the CCTVs automatically detects any abnormal activities happening on your premises and alarms you?

Swifcon can be of your support by providing you with the most advanced video analytics solutions which can analyse the behaviour of individuals and vehicles to provide real-time alarms and search tools that enhance manned and unmanned video surveillance systems. Our unique solution automatically detects, analyses and classifies the behaviours of people and vehicles as they move through a scene. It significantly reduces false alarms by suppressing environmental triggers such as rain, snow, shadows, reflections, flying birds, and waving trees.

It also provides instantaneous histories of scene activity against user-selected parameters to enable fast interactive searches on site and/or remotely.

This unique, patented software automatically:

• Distinguishes between humans, vehicles and other objects.

• Tracks up to 20 targets in each camera view.

• Reports more than 50 actionable events and behaviours.

• Delivers real-time alarms: local voice/visual notification, relay closure for integration

with alarm panels, e-mail, mobile-phone text messages, and Remote Network Client.

• Offers data mining capabilities to enable end users to spot trends and modify

operations to maximise security.

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