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Photovoltaic Glass

Photovoltaic Glass (PV glass) is a technology that enables the conversion of light into electricity. To do so, the glass incorporates transparent semiconductor-based photovoltaic cells, which are also known as solar cells. The cells are sandwiched between two sheets of glass. Photovoltaic glass is not perfectly transparent but allows some of the available light through. it provides the same thermal and sound insulation, and natural light as a conventional architectural glass. Thus, it can be installed in lieu of conventional glass on building facades, curtain walls, atriums, canopies and terrace floor.

Buildings using a substantial amount of photovoltaic glass could produce some of their own electricity through the windows. In addition to energy cost savings, potential benefits from the use of photovoltaic glass include reducing the carbon footprint of facilities, contributing to sustainability and consequently, enhancing branding and public relations (PR) efforts. 

As PV Glass provides the same thermal performance as a conventional glass, buildings can drastically improve their energy efficiency and reduce O&M costs.

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