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Green Building Concept

Green buildings are one of the varieties of green living solutions, which can give lot of benefits for comfortable living. The immediate and most tangible benefit is the reduction in water and operating energy costs right from the day one to entire life cycle of the building.

Green buildings deliver certain environmental benefits in form of reduced waste, conservation of natural resources, protection of the diversity of ecosystems, improvised air and water quality. As a result, your health and comfort will be boosted thereby enhancing your productivity, and overall quality of life. With a much reduced operating cost, the life-cycle economic performance can also be optimized.

Swifcon a member of the Indian Green Building Council, supports and encourages all our clients for a creating a better green environment

Benefits of Green Homes

Energy savings : 20 - 30 %
Water savings : 30 - 50%

Enhanced air quality,
Excellent day lighting,
Health & wellbeing of the occupants,
Conservation of scarce national resources

Latest Updates

Virtual Design & Construction

“Virtual Construction Design” a disruptive technology which takes SWIFCON to the next step to ensure optimisation in all levels of project execution in a practical and highly effective manner. The VDC produces tangible and quantifiable results in each step of construction of your building till the project is complete.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Our unique solution automatically detects, analyses and classifies the behaviours of people and vehicles as they move through a scene

Building Management Stystem

BMS systems are “Intelligent” microprocessor-based controller networks installed to monitor and control a buildings technical systems and services such as air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and hydraulics.

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